Northsea, crater lakes and river Rhine

Has been quiet here for a while on my travelog, right ? Well, there is one good reason for this: I have been traveling. Traveling itself might not be a good excuse as well, but when I travel for vacation I try to stay away from my computer during that time to really relax and do something different to what I do normally.

This time of the year I have been traveling in Germany instead of going to places far away as usual.

The title of this blog post gives you an idea what German waters I have explored during the last three weeks:

The Northsea. As expected it was a week full of fresh air, fresh fish, in a comfortable appartement located right away at the cute harbor of Neuharlingersiel. The picture shown here not only gives you an idea how the harbor looks like and also how the weather has been most of the time, it also is a link to my photos taken during that time. We spent a day in one of those special beach chairs (Strandkorb), enjoying some sunny hours and shrimp sandwiches, learned a lot about Ostfriesentee, a special tea mixture created for this part of Germany and how to celebrate drinking it, visited seals out there on a sand bank in front of the island of Langeoog, and also visited the aquarium and marine museum in Wilhelsmhaven. Neuharlingersieler Hafen - Dark clouds arriving
Crater Lakes. Our original plan was to use the next two weeks for hiking on the “Rheinsteig” trail. But because of a real bad weather forecast and also because my wife was struggling with some nasty form of cold we decided to first stay a few days in the “Vulkaneifel“, famous for several small crater lakes formed through volcanic activity 10.000 years ago. Thus we found us a nice hotel there in Schalkenmehren, did some day hikes and relaxed in the nice wellness area of the hotel. The picture here shows one of those crater lakes and provides a link to some of my photos taken during that time. Weinfelder Maar
River Rhine. Then the weather improved as well as the health of my wife. On Friday, September 21st, we started hiking on the Rheinsteig, a 320 km trail from Wiesbaden to Bonn along the river Rhine. We started in Lorch and hiked for the next 6 days up to Koblenz, 112 km in total and many climbs and descents. The Rheinsteig is one of Germany’s 10 top trails. The only other one I know is the Rennsteig in Eastern Germany but I can imagine that the Rheinsteig is probably the most beautiful one. In the upper central Rhine valley between Bingen and Koblenz alone there are 40 castles, stately homes and strongholds. This density is unique worldwide and has been acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for humanity since 2002. (#).
We spent the nights in small hotels in those small vine villages along the river. Weather was great and each day provided new spectacular views into the Rhine valley. A marvelous experience and THE recommended hike for everyone visiting Germany who likes hiking ! The photo here shows one of those spectacular views and links to more photos about our Rheinsteig hike. Here is a map showing the Rheinsteig and the part of it we have explored so far.
Braubach mit der Marksburg

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