Geotagging in flickr

flickr already has it since a year, it just took me that long to discover that function. In flickr you can geotag your photos to make them appear on a map. Awesome, I can tell you ! Kudos to the developers who have implemented this.
Initially when you want to display your map and you do not have one yet they bring up a page which points you gracefully to some help pages or screen casts how to get started with that function. With the help of the organizer it is a piece of cake you start geotagging your photos. Basically you simply drag them from a container to a map. Depending on how far you have zoomed in you might get a warning whether you want to position the photo using this level of accuracy.
Don’t worry too much about it – it is very easy to later on move photos on the map to a new position.
The map of course can be displayed in satellite, map or hybrid mode. Map mode works best at the beginning for faster response time. If you know the exact position where you took the photo it is actually recommended to zoom in to the almost deepest level to position it precisely.

Once you have geotagged some photos you can bring up your map. Mine is here. ( It is not complete yet. I need to upload some more photos from the US East Coast, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Maldives, Canary Islands … 😉 )

The pink dots indicate places for which you have geotagged photos, the number inside shows how many. By clicking on a dot you can display those photos. Amazing: as you zoom in dots are splited apart depending on the level of detail to resolve the exact positions you have defined.

Here you see that I have geotagged one photo from Zion National Park, but there are 14 more in the Lake Powell area.

In some areas you can zoom down to street level. This screen shot here shows the Space Needle in Seattle. The shot I have taken from the top of the tower is attached to it.

The other wonderful feature is that for photos you have geotagged an additional information is shown where the photo has been taken once you display the photo page. If you click on the map link you get an instant map view of where your photo has been taken.


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