Mommenheim, Mainz, Frankfurt, SecondLife

My house in Google Earth

From these four places in Germany Mommenheim most probably is the most unknown to almost all of you, I guess. It is a little village 15 kilometer south of Mainz with around 3.000 inhabitants and is the place where I live and sometimes work . The photo here shows my house as seen in Google Earth; somehow it looks like it has been fallen off the high resolution part of Google Earth.

Mainz, a little city located where the river Main flows into the river Rhine is
actually a place I like very much: it has everything a city needs like restaurants, bars ( or actually we prefer wine taverns here ), theatres, cinemas and some interesting historic places like a cathedral, St. Stephan church with its famous Chagall windows and the old town around Augustinergasse, but on the other hand it is not too crowded, more like a large village actually. It also hosts one of 40 German IBM locations, thus the place where I work when I don’t work from home or are on a business trip.

Frankfurt is located 50 kilometers away towards East from Mainz. It is a large city with one of the busiest airports in Europe, thus many of you probably know it or at least this huge airport. I have been born there and spent my childhood very close in a little city called Oberursel.
Frankfurt meanwhile can be also visited in SecondLife. You can see the Römer over there, the famous town hall of Frankfurt, and visit the house of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a famous German poet, where he has been born 1749. If you turn on music you can listen to Hit Radio FFH, a well known radio station here in the Rhine-Main area. Unfortunately I could not find the Frankfurt cathedral yet in the SecondLife version of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Römer in SecondLife Frankfurt Goethe house and statue in SecondLife with Saint Paul’s Church in the background

And should you run into this guy – he is Alexander Howe, my second face, born August 3rd, 2006.


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