Hello world!

“Hello World!”. What a great subject to start with. Whenever you start writing a piece of code in a new programing language it most probably will spit out: “Hello World!”. Thus, why not starting my first blog entry with “Hello World!” as wordpress.com already suggested ?

Well, this is not really my first blog article ever. I have been blogging within the company I am working for since more than 2 years now. Yesterday I started my German blog. And here now is my public private blog in English.

Some explanations regarding the title of this blog needed here ? Probably not, but anyway: traveling is one of my hobbies. I have been traveled to a lot of places already – that’s what I thought before I checked it out using the “Visited Countries” offering by google: 8 % of all countries only so far.

Nevertheless, blogging about journeys I have done and will do will be one theme for this blog. Blogging about anything else while travelling from birth to death will create lots of other subjects here as well. This might even include business related subjects, mainly about project management, for instance some hints and tips I have collected already about MS Project, a great tool to plan and actually run projects.

Thus, come back and enjoy reading !

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