The indispensible man is my favorite travel blog currently I read again and again, actually I try to catch up with their postings and made it to September 2012 so far. It is about a couple quitting their jobs and their home in 2010 and started traveling … ultimately to every place on the world to see it at least once.

If the Devil’s greatest accomplishment is convincing the world he doesn’t exist, employers’ greatest accomplishment is convincing workers they are indispensible.

They are sort of freelance writer, so to some extend they are able to make some money while being on the road. And regarding their home: legally wise they need to be registered somewhere and it looks like they have chosen Texas as their official home land.

Anyway, one article catching my attention is: “The indispensible man”.

How come that the majority of workers take just one third of their vacation days and feel guilty when being away from the office ? How come so many people check their business e-mails while being in holidays or on vacation ?

Because they think they are indispensible. Which is not true, as Brian nicely writes in this blog:

Long after we’re gone, the world will continue to move on as it always has – completely indifferent to our passing. After a short period of adjustment, our life’s work will be picked up by someone else. They too will be made to feel irreplaceable up until the point they are replaced, either out of necessity or convenience

What Causes Side Pain When You Run (and How to Prevent It)

Interesting article on Lifehacker today for the runners among us: “What Causes Side Pain When You Run (and How to Prevent It)”.

According to the explanation provided this side pain has to do with some internal muscle strain and organs bumping around while running. How to deal with it ? Of course don’t run after heavy meals, and when it occurs take a break, and ensure your are sufficiently hydrated.

I usually don’t have that problem but I learned a different technique how to avoid and treat that problem, and I am not sure though how this is related to the explanations given in that article: breath in through your nose, and breath out through your mouth. It definitely works for me.

The Force Awakens

Spoiler Alert: don’t read further if you haven’t watched that movie (Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens) yet and don’t want to know anything about its content yet.

Yesterday I have been in a movie cinema after a long while, probably some years, to watch the new Star Wars movie.

"" by Jeff Krause.

Nicely done and entertaining, but when I left the theatre I realized I have seen this movie before in 1977. The story is absolutely the same: a person doing some meaningless job on a desert planet to simply survive is discovered to become a powerful hero to fight evil forces. Those evil forces have built a mighty weapon capable to take out an entire solar system ( not just a single planet as in episode 4 ) and the rebels need to come up with a keen plan and maneuver to get into its heart and take it out. And there is this father-sun conflict which ends in a fight one has to loose: father on one side, sun on the other side; this time the other way around. And of course: light sabre fights.

As I have read Disney has bought the original story from George Lukas and apparently changed it to make what they call a retro movie.

People like change ? Not always. Apparently they have been quiet successful to produce a movie meeting expectations, not by coming up with something new.

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 22,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Aren’t we all Zombies nowadays ?

OK, Halloween is coming up and one or the other of us will turn into a Zombie for one or a few days.
But looking at this comic strip from "Reality Check" makes me think: aren’t we all Zombies nowadays, brain-less marionettes as victims of all the mobile and connected gadgets we carry with us each day ? Look at the people at the bus station, in restaurants, at the airport, at home during dinner, and you probably get what I mean.

Yesterday I have been reading an article in Geo about a camp in China where internet-addicted kids are jailed to return to a normal life thru drill and intentional boredom. Scary, sort of ! But seems to work for many to start learning making real friends, playing real games, focus on things that matter.
Found a similar article in The Telegraph: "Inside the Chinese boot camp treating Internet addiction"

Windows10 has been messing with my graphics driver

Last week Windows10 attempted to update the graphics driver on my computer and failed with this error 0x800705b4. When I rebooted my PC over the weekend I noticed that my graphics resolution had gone down and changed it back to my usual resolution.
Then, when playing a browser game, I noticed how slow it was and checked a bit closer my display settings. Apparently my NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT driver had been replaced by some Microsoft Basic Display Driver; see also this discussion.
I visited NVIDIAs web site for driver downloads ( German site in my case ) and first let it detect my installed graphics hardware. Before that worked okay I had to upgrade my Java. Finally NVIDIA correctly detected my graphics hardware and offered me the correct driver download. Everything back to normal now, after roughly one hour wasted and two reboots.
Dear Microsoft, how about the following: when you fail to upgrade software on my computer, can you please leave it like it was before instead of installing some different software without my permission ?


My wife and I have been hiking the Eifelsteig during our two+ weeks of vacation this autumn. It is a 314 kilometer hike, quiet ambitious, done in 15 days, thus more than 20 kilometers on eight of these days, and some altitude to manage – up to 700 m sometimes.
We started in Aachen on Saturday, September 12th, and reached Trier at the river Mosel on Sunday, September 27th.
Weather was quiet mixed these days, some rainy or very cloudy days, but we also got some nice sunny days and moments. We slept in a cloister two times and in a castle one time, and overall there have been many great moments to remember. This is the sort of vacation we really like.
My full set of photos is here on flickr.
Highlights have been Aachen of course with the incredible Cathedral,

the beautiful city of Monschau,

the "Three-Mills-Waterfall",

the trail along river Lieser,

and finally Trier, among many others.


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